Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan company, offering organizations a web platform that connects individual constituents with their elected officials. Our clients can ask individuals to communicate with their legislators via a recommended message that can be modified by the sender. We connect constituents directly with their elected official using their address, ensuring communications are sent to the correct legislator’s office. We make every effort to utilize legislators’ preferred method of communication for messages. However, due to technical limitations, there are times when email is the best communication method available for constituent communication with their elected officials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the individuals aware they are sending these letters to officials?

Absolutely! Letters are only sent from individuals that have provided their contact information and have selected the specific communication being sent. Constituents are directly contacting their legislators. Our technology ensures they contact the correct legislators, making the process easy and simple.

Why does the message come from Advocacy@mylegislators.com “on behalf of” the individual, and not the individual’s email address?

The message, which is sent to the official’s email address, is sent via our email servers. To avoid SPAM filters and increase deliverability, we don’t “mask” the email to look as though it is coming from the individual’s email address (a practice known as spoofing). To present the message as being sent by the constituent, we send the letter “on behalf of” the user after obtaining their consent.

Why do legislators receive so many emails from constituents regarding a particular issue?

Constituents are asked to “write their elected officials” about issues that are important to them. Our company helps connect individuals with their legislators. In many cases, this results in an outpouring of messages relating to one or more specific issues.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please call us at 800-539-6126 and leave a message. One of our representatives will contact you to explain how our clients enhance their advocacy efforts by connecting individual constituents with their elected officials.